[SciPy-user] about MLab

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Sun Nov 4 10:48:09 CST 2007

linda.s wrote:
> I have quite a few codes written in Numeric.
> MLab comes with Numeric too.
> I got confused when I began to use numpy because it does not have MLab
> and does not have some same functions in Numeric.
> is there any smooth way to change the code developed in Numeric to numpy?

You should also read the first chapters of the book "Guide to NumPy" 
which are available on-line for immediate download.  There is a 
comprehensive description of the differences between Numeric and NumPy 
as well as tips for compatibility.

You must also import numpy.oldnumeric before it is available.

import numpy.oldnumeric


You will notice that the module is simple a re-naming module.  All of 
the functionality is in numpy but under possibly different names.

All functions in Numeric are available in NumPy (as far as I know).  If 
you encounter a situation where that is not true, please let me know.


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