[SciPy-user] Subject: Re: Scientific Python publications

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Sun Nov 4 11:21:54 CST 2007


> It's even worse. If you design a new algorithm with results that cannot be
> verified with SPM, you can't ublish anything (worse : the neurologists do
> not want to publish results with your algorithms).

Yes - I know what you mean.  What we are trying to do is collect some
support across the imaging community for NiPy as a valid alternative.
When it's functional (ahem).  Several of the team are well known in
the imaging community, so I think, if we produce something functional,
and publish on it, it will be hard to argue against using it for
published work.   Especially if you can show that using SPM (via
wrappers) gives the same (similar) result.  The problem is momentum.
We're very close to critical mass now, but somehow we haven't
succeeded in pooling our efforts enough to really break the back of
the work,


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