[SciPy-user] Subject: Re: Scientific Python publications

Young, Karl karl.young@ucsf....
Sun Nov 4 13:23:47 CST 2007

>> On 11/4/07, Etienne Gaudrain <et.gaudrain@free.fr> wrote:
>> Is there any attempt to merge this project with http://neuralensemble.org/ ?

> No, not so far - but neural network modelling and neuroimaging are
> very different areas, and there's very little overlap in the
> algorithms used.  Neuroimaging is mainly image processing for example.

Which is not to say that it might not be interesting at some future point. E.g. some recent modeling work by Sporns et. al. re. using a detailed map of the map of the Macaque brain to generate a dynamic network model that reproduced patterns seen in resting state fMRI is drawing these areas a little closer (as if there wasn't already enough on the plates of NiPy folks !).

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