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Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux@normalesup....
Sun Nov 4 16:20:32 CST 2007

On Sun, Nov 04, 2007 at 09:22:14PM +0100, Sebastian Haase wrote:
> The page you referred to, however, lists the dependencies, which is
> just daunting !!
> VTK by itself is considered to be a difficult install... (you can't do
> nothing about that).

I agree. this is quite bad. We are working on a Debian package, so this
will settle the problem for Debian and Ubuntu.

> But now, what is
> TVTK ? (Does it depend on other parts of Enthough ?)
> How do you get Traits, without having to get ALL the rest of Enthought ?
> Last but not least, I'm not a big fan of setuptools: googling for it
> turns up mostly scipy and some other projects - but no "official
> endorsement" by python.org ! Some people warn that it might download
> files and install them on your system without warning ....

I agree completely with you. My trust in setuptools has gone down the
more I have used it.

You can install mayavi by getting the three tarballs on
http://code.enthought.com/downloads/source/ets2.6/, and building them.
The install is just a question of copying the resulting build dirs in
your PYTHONPATH, so that is simple. You might not have all the
dependencies for the build. I think the easiest is to to install the
Debian packages if you are under debian. They are listed on the install
page. If you are not under Debian (or alike), just state your system, and
we might be able to help you along a bit more.

> In my particular case, I don't have system admin permissions, and it
> seems to require (or at least, work best) when writing to the systems
> site-packages folder.

setuptools works very well when you don't have admin permissions, but it
doesn't solve the fact that you need vtk and swig installed. You can give
it a switch to tell it to write to another folder than the systems

> Don't get me wrong: I'm not criticising, I'm very interested in most
> of the above (especially Traits, BTW). So far I just could not manage
> to start using any of them: neither on Linux (debian), nor on Windows.

Under windows the simplest way to install mayavi in to install Python
using enstaller: http://code.enthought.com/enstaller/ , under Debian we
are working on Debian packages.

On a more general note, I have only recently realized that there was a
packaging problem. We are slowly working on improving that, but after I
finish my thesis (end of the year), I'll start some heavier work on
improving this, in particular providing Debians packages, and hopefully
binaries for other operating systems. Currently I am under deadline

If you use the tarballs on
http://code.enthought.com/downloads/source/ets2.6/ you will need all the
dependencies, but no internet access, and building is separated from
installing. If you can only get the run-time dependencies, please state
precisely your system, and we can try building a binary tarball for you.
You will need:

VTK >= 4.4 
numpy >= 1.01
wxPython 2.6.x 

all the rest is either compile-time dependencies, or included in the bigs



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