[SciPy-user] time series analysis

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Mon Nov 5 13:37:33 CST 2007

On Monday 05 November 2007 14:24:24 Timmie wrote:

> Wow, this looks great. But a little complex ;-)

> Well, one could write functions for common tasks that fascilitate it a
> bit...

You'd be surprised of how easy it is to use after a while. The conversion 
functions are quite useful. Please don't hesitate to contact em off-list if 
you have some special requests

> Any idea when there will be a first binary release of all this together
> with maskedarray?

Nope. The inclusion of maskedarray in numpy is still in the air, timeseries 
may become a scikit sooner or later.

> Has anyone else done this kind of things?
What kind of things ?

> Maybe with a interface to R?
I started that way (with the rpy package), but decided to stick to pure Python 
to avoid surprises...

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