[SciPy-user] Geostatistics with Scipy?

Scott Sinclair sinclaird@ukzn.ac...
Thu Nov 8 00:29:30 CST 2007

I'd be keen to hear about what you uncover...
Options I'm aware of:
1. Use the gstat R package via RPy (http://www.gstat.org/).
2. Inelegant but effective, install the gstat executable on your system and call using os.system(). This means that you need to write the data points to a file, write an appropriate gstat command file and then read the gstat output files from your Python code. It makes you feel dirty, but means that you can solve your problem easily within a short time frame..
3. Wrap gstat for Python. I have a vague plans of trying to do this one day, but don't hold your breath.
4. Have a go at wrapping something like the Geostatistics Template Library (http://gstl.sourceforge.net/)
5. or try hacking the Python interface to SGeMS (http://sgems.sourceforge.net/), which is based the gstl code. From what I remember, SGeMS embeds the Python interpreter and has some kind of scripting interface, that may (or may not) be easy to call from your Python code.
6. Implement your own Kriging algorithm.
7. There's also gslib (http://www.gslib.com/) lurking around. I don't recall why I didn't find it particularly interesting.
Hope that helps to direct your investigation.

>>> "Mark Bakker" <markbak@gmail.com> 11/7/2007 22:37 >>>
Hello -

I have been looking for some package that can doe Geostatistics with Scipy.
Mostly Kriging of 2D data.

I expect somebody has done something like this before.

Does anybody know of some code somewhere? 



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