[SciPy-user] Where is the border between SciPy and ML algorithms?

Willi Richert w.richert@gmx....
Thu Nov 8 02:20:45 CST 2007


the scipy.cluster module up to now contains already algorithms for Vector 
Quantization and Kmeans. In the docs it's said that SOMs are following. Now, 
after having followed the mails mentioning Orange and Elefant: Where do we 
draw the line?

I'm asking, because a student of mine has implemented SWIG-Python-wrappers to 
the C++ implementations of diverse decision trees (continuous VFDT, C4.5 and 
some others), which work quite well. We would of course be glad if those 
would be included in standard SciPy. However, I'm not quite sure, what the 
current policy of the core SciPy developers is regarding non-core algorithms.

Thanks in advance for any light on this topic,

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