[SciPy-user] Instruction in math and science

David Arnold dwarnold45@suddenlink....
Sat Nov 17 01:38:49 CST 2007


We are considering using Python and some of its libraries to aid  
instruction in mathematics and science at our college. I've read much  
of the documentation and installation directions for python and some  
of its libraries, such as matplotlib, numpy, and scipy.

I am aware that there are binary installations for the Mac at:


But no binary for scipy at this site for the 2.5x version of python.

I am also aware of the enthought distribution for windows and the  
installer at:


I am looking for advice from experienced educators who have advised  
their students on installation on Mac and Windows. These students at  
our school are unlikely to have the expertise to unzip, configure,  
compile, etc., and need a "one-click" solution to install the  
software needed.

Can anyone share their experience with their students and/or give  


David Arnold
College of the Redwoods

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