[SciPy-user] scipy 0.6.0 ImportError: cannot import name cscmux

youngsu park youngsu999@gmail....
Sun Nov 18 05:06:35 CST 2007

Hi. Im Youngsu-park ,in POSTECH in south korea.

I had same problem on scipy importing like:

    from scipy import *


So I looked at the scipy/sparse folder,

"C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\scipy\sparse ".

To find the reason of error, I open the

"C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\scipy\sparse\sparse.py", file.

>From line 21 to 26, there was import statement for "sparsetools"

from scipy.sparse.sparsetools import cscmux, csrmux, \

     cootocsr, csrtocoo, cootocsc, csctocoo, csctocsr, csrtocsc, \

     densetocsr, csrtodense, \

     csrmucsr, cscmucsc, \

     csr_plus_csr, csc_plus_csc, csr_minus_csr, csc_minus_csc, \

     csr_elmul_csr, csc_elmul_csc, csr_eldiv_csr, csc_eldiv_csc

I change the working directory to "C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\scipy\sparse

import sparestools and use dir function to see the members of sparsetools

In [16]: import sparsetoo

In [17]: dir(sparsetools)


['__doc__',  '__file__',  '__name__', '__version__', 'ccootocsc', 'ccscadd',

'ccscgetel', 'ccscmucsc', 'ccscmucsr', 'ccscmul', 'ccscmux', 'ccscsetel',

 'ccsctofull', 'ccsrmucsc', 'ccsrmux', 'cdiatocsc', 'cfulltocsc', 'ctransp',

 'dcscadd', 'dcscextract', 'dcscgetel', 'dcscmucsc', 'dcscmucsr', 'dcscmul',

 'dcscsetel', 'dcsctocoo', 'dcsctofull', 'dcsrmucsc', 'dcsrmux',
'ddiatocsc', 'dfulltocsc',

 'dtransp', 'scootocsc', 'scscadd', 'scscextract', 'scscgetel', 'scscmucsc',

 'scscmul', 'scscmux', 'scscsetel', 'scsctocoo', 'scsctofull', 'scsrmucsc',
'scsrmux', 'sdiatocsc',

 'sfulltocsc', 'stransp', 'zcootocsc', 'zcscadd', 'zcscextract',
'zcscgetel', 'zcscmucsc', 'zcscmucsr',

 'zcscmul', 'zcscmux', 'zcscsetel', 'zcsctocoo', 'zcsctofull', 'zcsrmucsc',
'zcsrmux', 'zdiatocsc',

 'zfulltocsc', 'ztransp']

But it is not the members of sparsetools.py

I think it is the members of sparsetools.pyd.

Move sparsetools.pyd to some backup directory.

Then it will works well.

In [21]: from scipy import *

In [22]:

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