[SciPy-user] Adding pysamplerate to scikits ?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Nov 20 20:26:38 CST 2007

Alan G Isaac wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Nov 2007, David Cournapeau apparently wrote:
>> I was mixing SRC and sndfile licenses (both are by Erik 
>> Castro de Lopo). The plan is to do as Robert Kern 
>> suggested: release the wrapper with the same license as 
>> the wrapped library (GPL here). 
> If you anticipate a reduction in usefulness from this,
> why not explain that and ask Erik for a release under the LGPL?
> Licenses are not a "given", especially when the number of 
> developers is small enough to feasibly agree on an 
> additional license.
I don't anticipate any reduction of usefulness. I was just wrong in my 
understanding that SRC was under the LGPL: Robert suggested to license a 
wrapper with the same license than the wrapped library, whatever the 
license is, and I myseful do not care about the licenses of my scikits.

Erik is a well known hacker in the audio linux programming scene, and he 
certainly is aware of the differences between GPL and LGPL. So although 
I agree asking for a relicensing for some part of the codes may be 
sometimes useful (and I did just that for my other audio related 
scikits, audiolab), I think asking to go from GPL to LGPL is quite rude 
(because it is GPL, Erik can dual license it to users who do not wish to 
open source their product, like Trolltech does with QT; with LGPL, not 


> Cheers,
> Alan Isaac
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