[SciPy-user] organizing data

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux@normalesup....
Wed Nov 21 01:45:22 CST 2007

> My data are the variation of 11 parameters, with 18 values for each. so 
> you can see them as an hypercube of 11 dimension. My goal is the 
> possibility to plot with gnuplot in 2D (or 3D). So I have to class my 
> data by slices of 9 (or 8) parameters constant.
> That's my problem: it is not really an "hyper"matrix of data because i 
> did not discretized the space parameters equally for each parameters.
> So i think i have to class and then recursively cut into the mass so I 
> can have small arrays I can plot with the gnuplot.py

Hi Xavier,

Can you provide an example of your data?

If I understand properly, you have non-regular gridded data that you want
to interpolate on a regular grid (though only through a cut) to plot as
images. If I get it right, that does not sound an incredibly easy
problem. There are algorithmes to do this, but I don't think there are
wrapped in scipy. VTK but do this, but AFAIK, only in 3D.

But hopefully your problem is simpler, and if you show us the data we'll
understand it better.



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