[SciPy-user] OS X users - Please try multiple scipy.test() runs

Christopher Burns cburns@berkeley....
Tue Oct 2 10:40:45 CDT 2007

All tests pass on my OSX machine.  Thanks Pearu.

On 10/2/07, Pearu Peterson <pearu@cens.ioc.ee> wrote:
> I have ported the veclib support from scipy.linalg to
> scipy.lib.blas. I cannot test it myself. So, anyone
> on OSX who had problems with scipy.lib, could you
> execute the following commands:
> cd svn/scipy/scipy/lib/blas
> python setup.py build
> python tests/test_fblas.py
> to see if tests pass or if there are any compiler errors?
> Pearu

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