[SciPy-user] savitsky-golay smoothing filter?

Christian Meesters meesters@uni-mainz...
Thu Oct 4 12:51:38 CDT 2007

Hoi Massimo,

> By the way: under which license is the code in the Cookbook usable? I'm 
> writing a GPLv2 program...
I was the one posting the first snippet there (btw. thanks for pointing
out the limitation that one can only reasonably apply it if the vector
starts and end at zero). Before posting I asked Andrew Dalke, whose web
page is linked on top of the snippet and he said (don't have his mail
anymore, but that's the digest): 'go ahead and post your adaptation'.
This is also my attitude: It's a cookbook and just by posting there IMHO
I lost all 'rights' on that snippet. I wouldn't post a snippet, if I
wouldn't think it's nice if others are using it. The algorithm is
published anyway.
So, go ahead and I hope it's useful for your application! (Though I
don't take any responsibility for the correctness of that snippet, of
course. Should have corrected it myself ...)

Are there intrinsic license issue for scipy's cookbook snippets, anyway?


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