[SciPy-user] howto call lapack funcs from scipy?

Pete Forman pete.forman@westerngeco....
Thu Oct 4 10:56:43 CDT 2007

Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com> writes:

 > The help() function doesn't know anything about f2py wrapper
 > functions like cgelss, so it gives up. However, you can print
 > cgelss.__doc__:

IPython's help figures this out as well.

In [24]: import scipy.linalg.flapack

In [25]: scipy.linalg.flapack.cgelss?
Type:		fortran
String Form:	<fortran object at 0x01D07FE0>
Namespace:	Interactive
    cgelss - Function signature:
  v,x,s,rank,info = cgelss(a,b,[cond,lwork,overwrite_a,overwrite_b])
Required arguments:
  a : input rank-2 array('F') with bounds (m,n)
  b : input rank-2 array('F') with bounds (maxmn,nrhs)
Optional arguments:
  overwrite_a := 0 input int
  overwrite_b := 0 input int
  cond := -1.0 input float
  lwork := 2*minmn+MAX(maxmn,nrhs) input int
Return objects:
  v : rank-2 array('F') with bounds (m,n) and a storage
  x : rank-2 array('F') with bounds (maxmn,nrhs) and b storage
  s : rank-1 array('f') with bounds (minmn)
  rank : int
  info : int

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