[SciPy-user] problem installing sciPy

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Fri Oct 5 22:04:48 CDT 2007

marco turchi wrote:
> Dear Chris,
> I have just said to David that i have tried to install  numpy and 
> scipy using  python 2.3, but on that machine there is not python-dev, 
> and the administrator cannot install it, he has some problems with 
> licences.
I really cannot see any license related problems with python-dev which 
would not be present in python. But I digress.
> I guess that I cannot use rpm, because I'm not administrator. That's 
> the reason because I have installed in /usr/local another version of 
> Python and then I have followed the normal instruction for numpy and 
> scipy.
> The installation arrives to the end, but when I open Python, new or 
> old version, I can import Numpy, but I cannot import scipy, because 
> the module is not present.
> I can try another time to do everything from the beginning, but i do 
> not know how useful it can be.
As Chris said: if you can get your administrator to install python-dev, 
blas and lapack, this is the easiest. If you can't, then garnumpy can 
help you. The principle of garnumpy is :
    - to fetch the sources of all necessary softwares/libraries from 
    - build them with consistent compiler options
    - install it in one location (for example, $HOME/garnumpyinstall, 
the default).

I think this should be easier than compiling everything by yourself, 
specially if you are not familiar with building complicated packages. 
I've put a new version online, because I realized that I did not update 
the scripts for the new numpy/scipy versions. So remove the one you've 
download, and use this URL instead:


Most of the options should be changed in gar.conf.mk. For example, 
changing python -> change the line PYTHON to the full path of your 
python (e.g. /usr/local/bin/python in your case). In your case, this is 
the only required change.

To build and install numpy/scipy with it, you do:
    - make clean -> do this if you change anything in gar.conf.mk. Do it 
once you changed the python location.
    - make garchive -> this will download everything.
    - cd platform/scipy && make install -> this will build scipy and all 
the necessary softwares.

If this fails, please paste all the output, because otherwise, it is 
difficult to see the exact problem. But if you have a C and fortran 
compiler, it should not fail,



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