[SciPy-user] more help with sparse matrix: creating

Robin robince@gmail....
Mon Oct 8 09:29:43 CDT 2007

On 10/8/07, Robin <robince@gmail.com> wrote:
> On further reading I realized I was providing the arguments incorrectly -
> specifying them by name worked.
> Now I am just stuck on the part where I convert the allocated csr array to
> lil format, to fill it and then convert it back to csr. I really need this
> to be in place, since there won't be enough memory to hold two copies of the
> array. Is this possible?

So it seems this isn't possible to do with scipy.sparse unless I'm missing

I see from this post that Ed Schofield made a seperate branch to address
this and other issues with sparse
but it doesn't look like that has seen any activity for more than a year.
Were those changes ever merged?
Is there any chance they will be?

Alternatively I think it might be possible with PySparse so I am continuing
to look at that....

Any advice on comments from more experienced folk on whether this is
possible or whether I'm better off just sticking with MATLAB for this
project would be appreciated.


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