[SciPy-user] Scientific Python publications

Lou Pecora lou_boog2000@yahoo....
Tue Oct 9 11:57:47 CDT 2007

Check the May 2007 issue of Computing in Science &
Engineering (an IEEE publication).  The whole issue is
dedicated to Python.  Very nice articles on what
people are doing with Python in science and

-- Lou Pecora

--- Andy Cheesman <Andy.cheesman@bristol.ac.uk> wrote:

> Dear people,
> Slightly off-topic, I was wondering if anyone could
> suggest a
> peer-reviewed journal article which features a
> scientific use of
> The reason is that I've got to give a brief ~12 mins
> internal talk to
> the molecular science group at the university of
> Bristol on a recent
> scientific paper and thought that I could use the
> talk as an excuse to
> advertise the wonders of python.
> Its the opportunity for some blatant self promotion.
> Cheers

-- Lou Pecora,   my views are my own.

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