[SciPy-user] BLAS and srotgm

Donna Calhoun calhoun@amath.washington....
Wed Oct 10 05:46:19 CDT 2007

> > I removed the library flags to libc, and libutil and the build picked up the
> > correct blas library.> 
> I'm curious as to why you had -L/usr/lib in there. Did it come from Python's
> build or do you have an LDFLAGS environment variable sitting around that's
> interfering?

(sorry for the long delay in a reply) 

Yes, I had added /usr/lib to my LDFLAGS environment variable.  Before I 
figured out that I needed the "-shared" flag, I was getting lots of undefined
references to things from posix libraries, etc.   So I added references to c
libs.  But then I came across a post that hinted at the "-shared" flag, and that
solved all the undefined references problems.  

If in fact, the "-shared" flag is required, is there a mention of this 
somewhere in the install instructions?  It took me two days to figure 
out what the problem was.

I was installing version  I have since gone on to install 0.6.0 on
another machine, and it seems as though this version didn't need the flag
(although I don't remmber exactly whether I may have in fact had it set).   Did
anything change from the last version to this one?  For some reason, I didn't
need this flag with numpy. 

Thank you again, 


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