[SciPy-user] could a U.S. citizen help? (connecting PyTrilinos to OpenOpt)

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Wed Oct 10 09:36:39 CDT 2007

On Tue, 09 Oct 2007, dmitrey apparently wrote:
> does anyone here interested in connecting NOX (more 
> powerfull scipy.optimize.fsolve equivalent with ability of 
> parallel calculations), MOOCHO (constrained NLP solver, 
> same) (and maybe other solvers in future) to OpenOpt? 
> I send a letter to PyTrilinos developers and here are 
> 2 letters received from them (see below, as well as mine).  
> Unfortunately, I have no possibility in visiting for the 
> Trilinos Users Group meeting - even not enough documents 
> of Ukraine citizen to apply for U.S. visa. 
> What would you recommend me to answer? 

Since you cannot attend, and nobody on this list has stepped 
forward, I recommend drafting to the developer a note that 
explains that

- regrettably, attending is not possible for you. Also ask 
  if there is a participant with whom you might have further 
- that you are not getting enough guidance from the existing 
- that if there is a documentation sprint in Albuqurque you 
  would find it very helpful to be in contact with the 
  participants of that sprint.  Note that you might be able 
  to point out shortcomings of the docs from the point of 
  view of a new user.
- that what would be really helpful right now is several 
  working examples of NOX and MOOCHO usage, with *all* 
  default settings.  You can point to your nice examples at
  as an example of what you need.

Finally, see if you can get James interested in helping you 
push this forward.

Alan Isaac

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