[SciPy-user] running scipy code simultaneously on several machines

Jaonary Rabarisoa jaonary@gmail....
Fri Oct 12 09:20:59 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I need to perform several times one python function that is very time
consuming. Suppose
to be simple that this function takes only one argument and return one
value, so its prototype
is as follow :

def my_func(A) :
    return res

I need too call this function for different values of A. A naive approach to
do this is the following

for A in my_array_of_A :
        res = my_func(A)

My problem is that one call of my_func takes several hours. Then, I wonder
if it's possible to distribute
this "for" loop between several machines (or processors) in order to speed
up the process.

I've  heard something about the cow module in scipy and pympi package but I
just do not know how
to tackle this probelm correctly with one of these modules. So, if one of
you could give some hints in how to do this ?

Best regards,

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