[SciPy-user] scipy, numpy in Scientific Linux ?

Favre-Nicolin Vincent vincefn@users.sourceforge....
Fri Oct 12 09:21:24 CDT 2007


   Some of our servers are now installed with Scientific Linux (version 5). 
I'd like to use scipy/numpy (and matplotlib) for this distribution.

   I have found some references on the SL website 
(https://www.scientificlinux.org/) about numpy packages, but only for 
older version (SL 4.4 and 4.5), and apparently only with numpy (not scipy). 
The SL site really lacks an engine to list all packages.

   Is there anybody using scientific Linux 5 who would now what package & 
repository to install for scipy/numpy/matplotlib ?

   I can compile them of course, but it would seem reasonable that such 
packages already exist for this scientific distribution ?


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