[SciPy-user] Illegal instruction in testsuite of revision 3378

Gnata Xavier gnata@obs.univ-lyon1...
Sat Oct 13 16:10:42 CDT 2007

Xavier Gnata a écrit :
> Matthieu Brucher wrote:
>>     If anyone knows a later version of gcc that is known to build on
>>     Cygwin  and has been used to successfully compile
>>     atlas/lapack/numpy/scipy then I'm happy to give it a try, but I'm
>>     reluctant to start investigating on my own, at the risk of
>>     spending a lot of time on a gcc version that just won't work.
>> There is a French tutorial that can help here : 
>> http://philippe-dunski.developpez.com/compiler_gcc/
>> Didn't try it, but it could help for this matter.
>> Matthieu
> I cannot compile it with gcc4.2 because I'm using debian packages of 
> blas/lapack/atlas.  These packages  are compiled  with g77 (gcc3.4). I  
> have no clue why. Of course, I can remove thses package on compile 
> blas/lapack/atlas (It is easy, I know the exact way  to do that) but I 
> simply have no time to do that before at least one or two weeks :(
> Xavier
I had a quick look at the svn history but I have no time to bissect this 
I would like to know first if otjer users of SciPy, i386 and g77 are 
able to reproduce this bug.


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