[SciPy-user] unstructured mesh handling with scipy?

WolfgangZ wollez@gmx....
Fri Oct 19 06:07:16 CDT 2007


I need to handle unstructured grids (2D), but I'm not sure how to do 
that. The source is list of coordinates and I also have the connectivity 
(which nodes form a triangle). In the next step I need to extract a 
rectangular part of that mesh, this means that elements that are cut 
through needs to be triangulated. Using such meshes for visualisation 
would be also nice (read in a list of values and create a image).

Has anybody done something similar with python/scipy and could give me 
some advice? I'm also open for "external" tools to perform that task.

I've already tried to do that with vtk (python bindings), it works 
already partially (I can display the extracted mesh but somehow the 
coordinates are transformed to another coordinate system and I have no 
clue how to get that back to my input coordinate system).

Any suggestions are welcome.

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