[SciPy-user] unstructured mesh handling with scipy?

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu@aero.iitb.ac...
Fri Oct 19 08:28:22 CDT 2007

>>>>> "WolfgangZ" == WolfgangZ  <wollez@gmx.net> writes:

    WolfgangZ> I've already tried to do that with vtk (python
    WolfgangZ> bindings), it works already partially (I can display
    WolfgangZ> the extracted mesh but somehow the coordinates are
    WolfgangZ> transformed to another coordinate system and I have no
    WolfgangZ> clue how to get that back to my input coordinate
    WolfgangZ> system).

You can use tvtk/mayavi2 for this.  Here are examples of unstructured
grids that you can take a look at:

A polygonal data set with pure TVTK:


A 3D unstructured grid where data is generated with tvtk and viewed
with Mayavi2:


The nice thing about both is that they integrate well with numpy
arrays and use views of your numpy array data.

For more information on the tools see:




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