[SciPy-user] cond in lstsq(a, b, cond=None, overwrite_a=0, overwrite_b=0)

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Tue Oct 23 15:32:08 CDT 2007

It uses LAPACK xGELSS routine (I guess prefix is 'D'), so you'd better 
contact LAPACK developers.
BTW you could call the xGELSS routines from OpenOpt framework (see LLSP 
class), but w/o "cond" argument.
Regards, D.

Geoffrey Zhu wrote:
> Good afternoon, everyone.
> I was trying to use lstsq() in scipy.linalg. The prototype looks like
> the following:
> def lstsq(a, b, cond=None, overwrite_a=0, overwrite_b=0)
> cond is said to be used to determine effective rank of a, but it does
> not have any further explanation.
> Can anyone help me understand what exactly does cond do or where can I
> find some more information on this?
> Thanks,
> Geoffrey
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