[SciPy-user] Plotting with PyLab

Nuttall, Brandon C bnuttall@uky....
Wed Oct 24 16:20:33 CDT 2007


I'd like to make a plot (graph) where the x and y units have the same scale. That is, one unit in the x direction is the same physical size as 1 unit in the y direction; circles will be circles and squares squares. What I'm doing is I'm given a path through 3d space. At a given distance, MD, along that path I am supplied an azimuth (the departure from vertical) and a bearing. I can translate these data to (x,y,z).

What I want to do is make three maps showing the trajectory of the path: XY space, XZ space, and YZ space. At this time, a 3D visualization is not needed and, in actuality, only the XY plot is required.

If pylab is not right, suggestions on what module I should use is appreciated.


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