[SciPy-user] Scipy + Vision = LabView ?

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Wed Oct 31 17:51:07 CDT 2007

2007/10/31, Paul Barrett <pebarrett@gmail.com>:
> No, you are not dreaming.  I also commented on this possibility
> several years ago to some people in the SciPy community.
> Unfortunately, I have not had the time or motivation to act on it.  It
> would certainly be nice to have a basic package to show people.
> You'll need to create a set of APIs so that you can connect to
> instrumentation.  It shouldn't be too hard now that the interfaces
> have been standardized.

Sorry, it was in fact Vision and Viper I saw in the past as well.
The idea is great but the application, IMHO, is not quite optimal :
- even for the tutorial, the rotate bloc should have two inputs, the image
and the rotation angle (this last factor could be given by the result of
another algorithm)
- what about multithreading in this model ?
- what about flow control ? (which is really a huge issue that is lacking in
ITK for instance)
- is there a way to create a bunch of blocks easily ?

All this has consequences on the interface. Besides, it would be very great
to use Traits as input and output blocks.

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