[SciPy-user] dstevx not implemented

stefano borini stefano.borini@ferrara.linux...
Sun Sep 2 10:57:31 CDT 2007

Good morning to all,

I just started tinkering with SciPy, and it looks very interesting. 
However, I have a question and the searches I performed on the mailing 
list or the web returned nothing valuable.

I want to find some of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a quite large 
tridiagonal matrix (around 20000x20000, maybe more). I used to do this 
task in fortran using dstevx, but I noted that this function is not 
exported to python, according to a comment in flapack_esv.pyf.src .

I would like to ask is:
- is this is due to technical or human-resources issues?
- If any other of you had my same need, how did you solve the problem so 
to have an efficient code?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards,

Stefano Borini

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