[SciPy-user] vectorizing a function inside a class

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Tue Sep 4 00:46:35 CDT 2007

Hello all,

       I am trying to vectorize a function which resides in the class.
Can any one help me out ?  I have appended the test code below.

from scipy import vectorize

def square(x):
     return x.x

v_sq = vectorize(square)

result = v_sq(x)

Just new to class !!

I just want to mimic the above function,
which works.  But, inside the class structure,
it does not !

from scipy import vectorize

class a:
        def __init__(self,x):
                self.x = x
        def square(self):
                return self.x*self.x
        def v_sq(self):
                vect_sq = vectorize(square)
                return vect_sq(self)

x  = [1,2,3]
fn = a(x)

Thanks in advance,
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