[SciPy-user] fmin_cobyla hangs

Christian K. ckkart@hoc....
Tue Sep 4 02:22:40 CDT 2007

sometimes when running fmin_cobyla it never returns but keeps the cpu load high.
The last output (with iprint=2) is the following:

   The initial value of RHO is 1.000000E+00  and PARMU is set to zero.

   NFVALS =    1   F = 1.635286E+03    MAXCV = 5.335792E-02
   X =-2.000000E-02   9.600000E-02   2.120000E-01   3.280000E-01   4.440000E-01

   Increase in PARMU to 1.344559E+03

   Increase in PARMU to 4.872087E+04

Does anybody know enough of the internals of fmin_cobyla to imagine what is
going on? In case it helps, I will try to build a sample script/data package.


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