[SciPy-user] www.scipy.org down?

dmitrey openopt@ukr....
Tue Sep 4 09:02:03 CDT 2007

Christian Meesters wrote:
> Hi,
> The scipy web page ( www.scipy.org ) seems to be down since a while.
> Usually this is fixed rather soon, so I'm writing just in case it got
> overlooked. 
yes, it has been down at least ~25-30 hours since you write the letter
> (And I couldn't see any message here on the list related to
> this.)
I also had mentioned it today
> Christian
So now it's up again.
However, it falls down toooo often.
Maybe due to great amount of students that were directed by their tutors 
to scipy.
I wonder why can't scipy.org be duplicated (i.e. have mirror server, 
that will be activated automatically when 1st server is down).
Also, I think it would be nice if a script was running (on other than 
scipy.org server), that would check scipy.org (for example, ping) and if 
no response - send a letter to server admin and/or scipy dev maillist 

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