[SciPy-user] www.scipy.org down?

eric jones eric@enthought....
Tue Sep 4 09:29:32 CDT 2007

Huge apologies about this. 

Having the server down for a short period is undesirable.  Having it 
down for half a day is unacceptable.  On the good side, the SciPy 
servers are apparently getting a whole lot more traffic this year than 
last year.  On the bad side, the server/software hasn't scaled as well 
as one would hope. 

Jarrod talked to me about doing some sys admin work on scipy.org while 
we were at the SciPy conference.  We discussed upgrading the OS, getting 
better monitor/re-start mechanisms in place, and, most importantly, 
getting a group of people from multiple different time zones in place to 
help in case of problems.  Jeff Strunk is going to work on getting this 
organized, and he'll post something here soon.  I believe he's going to 
set up a separate distribution to keep sys-admin issues off this list.

Again, sorry about the down time,

dmitrey wrote:
> Christian Meesters wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The scipy web page ( www.scipy.org ) seems to be down since a while.
>> Usually this is fixed rather soon, so I'm writing just in case it got
>> overlooked. 
> yes, it has been down at least ~25-30 hours since you write the letter
>> (And I couldn't see any message here on the list related to
>> this.)
> I also had mentioned it today
>> Christian
> So now it's up again.
> However, it falls down toooo often.
> Maybe due to great amount of students that were directed by their tutors 
> to scipy.
> I wonder why can't scipy.org be duplicated (i.e. have mirror server, 
> that will be activated automatically when 1st server is down).
> Also, I think it would be nice if a script was running (on other than 
> scipy.org server), that would check scipy.org (for example, ping) and if 
> no response - send a letter to server admin and/or scipy dev maillist 
> automatically.
> D.
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