[SciPy-user] www.scipy.org down?

eric jones eric@enthought....
Wed Sep 5 11:27:23 CDT 2007

Hey Fernando,

That is certainly a good option, and we've already gotten one offer in 
this regard which is cool.  Once we get the current site in good shape 
we can look into all the options.

see ya,

Fernando Perez wrote:
> On 9/4/07, eric jones <eric@enthought.com> wrote:
>> Having the server down for a short period is undesirable.  Having it
>> down for half a day is unacceptable.  On the good side, the SciPy
>> servers are apparently getting a whole lot more traffic this year than
>> last year.  On the bad side, the server/software hasn't scaled as well
>> as one would hope.
> And it's only going to get better/worse :)
>> Jarrod talked to me about doing some sys admin work on scipy.org while
>> we were at the SciPy conference.  We discussed upgrading the OS, getting
>> better monitor/re-start mechanisms in place, and, most importantly,
>> getting a group of people from multiple different time zones in place to
>> help in case of problems.  Jeff Strunk is going to work on getting this
>> organized, and he'll post something here soon.  I believe he's going to
>> set up a separate distribution to keep sys-admin issues off this list.
> Mirroring?  Scipy is becoming important enough to academic
> institutions that it might not be  too hard to setup a few mirrors for
> at least the static content, that are geographically distributed.  One
> or two big universities, one or two national labs and a few
> institutions in Europe (CERN perhaps, I know they use python a lot and
> they hosted EuroPython)?
> We have enough people on this list from academia and research labs
> that if it's technically viable (I'm not sure how to deal with
> Moin/Trac for that, if at all), it might be possible to get the ball
> rolling.
> Just an idea...
> Cheers,
> f
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