[SciPy-user] ODR example code needed

J. K. ryan2057@gmx...
Thu Sep 6 03:29:03 CDT 2007

 > I don't know how to make the Output docstring any clearer than it is. And
> without knowing what you want to "use the data" for, I can't give you a
> meaningful example. Can you be more specific about what is confusing?

I think it is a combination of me being new to python and the fact that
english is not my mother tongue. While I understand everyday english
(movies, books, newspapers), technical english is much harder to
understand. That's why examples in the man pages help me most.
I learned how to input data into odr by using the short example given.

Maybe you could expand the example in the "basic use" section a bit:
mybeta = myoutput.beta[1]

I know, my problem is pretty basic, but I studied chemistry and I am
just now getting acquainted to Python. (I need to process a large number
of files and fit a polynom to it)

Jack K.

PS: I am pretty amazed that the developer of the module answers question
and helps end users in a newsgroup. That's one of the major reasons I
love Open Source. Thank you.

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