[SciPy-user] returning floats from a function

Perez Kawumi pepe_kawumi@yahoo.co...
Sat Sep 8 06:15:42 CDT 2007

im having problems returning floating point numbers in the whitney_function matrices at the end of my program. The answers are being rounded off to whole numbers. I think it might be the way im defining my whitney_functions initially(the first highlighted block). Please help.
Thanks Perez

def whitney(elem_num,x,y):

    whitney_functions = []
    whitney_functions = zeros((3,2))

    perez  = simplex2D(elem_num,x,y)
    trinodes = ELEMENTS[[elem_num],:]-1
    x1 = NODE_COORD[trinodes[0,0],0]
    y1 = NODE_COORD[trinodes[0,0],1]
    x2 = NODE_COORD[trinodes[0,1],0]
    y2 = NODE_COORD[trinodes[0,1],1]
    x3 = NODE_COORD[trinodes[0,2],0]
    y3 = NODE_COORD[trinodes[0,2],1]
    #area = 0.5*abs(det([1 x1 y1; 1 x2 y2; 1 x3 y3]));
    temp = linalg.inv(([x1,x2,x3],[y1,y2,y3],[1,1,1]))
    b = temp[:,[0]]
    c = temp[:,[1]]
      nabla_lambda  = temp[:,0:2]

    whitney_functions[[0],:] = perez[0]*nabla_lambda[[1],:] - perez[1]*nabla_lambda[[0],:]
    whitney_functions[[1],:] = perez[0]*nabla_lambda[[2],:] - perez[2]*nabla_lambda[[0],:] 
    whitney_functions[[2],:] = perez[1]*nabla_lambda[[2],:] - perez[2]*nabla_lambda[[1],:]
    return whitney_functions

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