[SciPy-user] building numpy/scipy on Solaris

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon Sep 10 01:30:30 CDT 2007

Lucas Barbuto wrote:
> On 07/09/2007, at 5:09 PM, David Cournapeau wrote:
>> Did you manage to build numpy at least ? Could you provide us the  
>> exact
>> steps you followed until the failure ?
> Yes, NumPy 1.0.3 has been built and installed separately but without  
> reference to any optimised BLAS or LAPACK libraries so I assume that  
> "a slower default version is used".  If I try to rebuild NumPy  
> referencing Sun's Performance Library I have the same problems as  
> with SciPy, so I suppose if I solve one, I'll have solved the other!
> So, I've unpacked Sun Studio 12 and the interesting bits live in / 
> local as per below.  I've got a pretty basic environment which finds  
> GCC 3.4.5 as my default C compiler and G77 as my default Fortran  
> compiler.  I don't have ATLAS installed. 
Do I understand correctly that you want to compiler numpy/scipy with 
gcc, using sunperf ? I am not familiar with non gnu devtools under 
solaris, so I don't know if sunperf libraries are supposed to work with 
gcc ?

My main guess, though, would be that sunperf requires more than just 
-lblas option to link; generally, you need some other link flags. Since 
the default error message of the linker is non explanatory, we need more 
info. What does nm 
/local/cat2/apps-archive/SUNWspro-12/prod/lib/libblas.so returns 
(assuming libblas.so is the name of the library) ?



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