[SciPy-user] ANN (numerical optimization): ALGENCAN have migrated from numeric to numpy

fdu.xiaojf@gmai... fdu.xiaojf@gmai...
Tue Sep 18 03:23:33 CDT 2007

Hi dmitrey,
dmitrey wrote:
 > you'd better contact ALGENCAN developers with the question.
 > Regards, D.

I'm trying to contact ALGENCAN developers.

However, I have a question about openopt.

I have tried the example at
Since I couldn't get ALGENCAN work now, I tried with lincher( I just
commented the line "r = p.solve('ALGENCAN')" and uncommented "r =
p.solve('lincher')" ).

There are the only output:

starting solver lincher (BSD  license)  with problem  unnamed
itn 0: Fk= 8596.39550577 maxResidual= 605859.237208

And after that, python crashed :-(
(I have install cvxopt0.9)

I think I must did something wrong, so could you tell me more about how
to install scikits and make it work ? There are only little about this
on the web.


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