[SciPy-user] building numpy/scipy on Solaris

Lucas Barbuto lucasjb@csse.unimelb.edu...
Wed Sep 19 00:14:01 CDT 2007

On 14/09/2007, at 5:15 PM, David Cournapeau wrote:
>> All I really want is a working NumPy and SciPy installation on
>> Solaris 9/x86.  Seeing as SciPy recommends vendor optimised BLAS and
>> LAPACK routines and I don't want to build ATLAS,
> Is there a reason why ? Building dev versions (3.7.*) of ATLAS works
> pretty well now and is not too difficult (but with gcc).

That wasn't my experience, I gave it a brief shot.

To start from the start: I'm a Systems Administrator, not a Python  
programmer, researcher or scientist.  Before I started poking around  
with SciPy I'd never heard of ATLAS, BLAS or LAPACK.  Avoiding having  
to build these and risking further running in circles is my primary  
motivator and secondary is the assumption that libsunperf will work  
better for the users.

> I have  downloaded a vmware image of nexenta, which is GNU above  
> open solaris;
> according to
> http://blogs.sun.com/dbx/entry/installing_nexenta_gnu_solaris_on, I  
> can
> install sunstudio on it, which means sunperf libraries, right ? Do you
> think this corresponds to your environment ? I don't want to waste  
> time
> on it if this does not help you.

Yes, Sun Studio 12 contains libsunperf.{a,so}.  I just unpacked and  
dropped in to /local/cat2 (just somewhere that disk was available).

I'm on Solaris 5.9 x86 with its standard development programs in /usr/ 
ccs, /usr/sfw, /usr/ucb and GNU utilities built from source and  
installed manually into the /usr/local hierarchy.  I suppose Nexenta  
sounds close to this.



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