[SciPy-user] Reading in data into a python program!!

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Thu Sep 20 10:50:29 CDT 2007

On Thu, 20 Sep 2007, Ryan Krauss apparently wrote:
> What does pylab.load do that io.read_array can't?

Well most obviously, the availability of unpack and 

Unless I am wrong, and I might well be, for my reason to use 
pylab.load is very different.  It is only **very** recently 
(since Jarrod's release) that it became reasonable to 
require my students to install SciPy, while NumPy+Matplotlib 
has been reasonable for some time.  So call it habit.

Secondarily, try this:
    import scipy
It fails.  Instead you have to
    from scipy import io
Little unintuitve things like this
add up to a major pain in the butt when teaching.

> I think a good, flexible, but easy to use function for 
> this kind of thing is essential.  io.read_array isn't 
> perfect, but it is pretty good.  If pylab.load has 
> flexibility that io.read_array doesn't than additional 
> features should be incorporated, IMHO.  I would be 
> interested in contributing to that (in my spare time :).  
> My code depends on the csv module, which I think is part 
> of the standard python distribution on all platforms. 

Is there no way for pylab.load and scipy.io.read_array
to become a single code base, now that mpl is shifting
entirely to NumPy?

Alan Isaac

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