[SciPy-user] array.tofile stops writing to file

J. K. ryan2057@gmx...
Wed Sep 26 06:11:09 CDT 2007


I am using SciPy 0.6.0 with NumPy 1:1.03-1ubuntu2 on Python

I am using arrays (about 120 rows with 7 columns) to store data and
calculate stuff with the stored values. To be able to cross check the
calculations, I wanted to store the arrays in files.
I tried the different approaches:

- Array.tofile(FileName, sep='\t', format = "%s")

- Iteration over array
k = 0
for row in Koeff:
	Filename.write(array[k, 0], array[k, 1], array[k, 3])
	k = k + 1

and similar ways.
Now the problem is, the write process just stops in the middle of a
number. In the same loop I use to write the files I can print all those
lines on screen, the arrays are complete.
When using array.tofile, the same thing happens. I can print them on
screen, but the file just ends in the middle of a value (always the same).
On the other hand, I can write to file (not using arrays) without
problems, the files can be as large as I want them to be.

Is there something terribly wrong with the way I use it or is it a bug
in numpy?
If you need more detail, please tell me
Thank you for your time and help,
Jack Kinch

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