[SciPy-user] Stack two matrices on top of each other?

Jose Unpingco unpingco@osc....
Wed Sep 26 07:31:22 CDT 2007

 bmat([[a],[a]]) # stack them side-by-side
But, this doesn't work with the semicolon:
 bmat([[a];[a]]) # not work, although it would be natural
Is there another way to stack two matrices on top of each other? I know I can do
bmat('a ; a')
but I have a list of matrices I would like to stack and doing it this way means that I would have to
assign a variable to each one of matrices like 
which is what I'm doing now, but would prefer not to.
Please contact me if you have questions or need more information.

Jose Unpingco, Ph.D.
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