[SciPy-user] Ipython history and editing

Jose Unpingco unpingco@osc....
Wed Sep 26 07:35:54 CDT 2007

One of the greatest things about Ipython is the ability to use one's  favorite editor to edit previous
entires as in
> %edit _i18
which would edit the 18th input in the history. The  annoying thing is that the so-edited command is not placed on the history, instead, the unuseful 
22: _ip.magic("edit _i18")
is put there. I would like the output of the post-edited command to show in the %hist list. By the way, I know I can get the post-edited output using Out[22], but I would really like to see it on the %hist list.
Is this possible?
Please contact me if you have questions or need more information.

Jose Unpingco, Ph.D.
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