[SciPy-user] OS X users - Please try multiple scipy.test() runs

Tom Loredo loredo@astro.cornell....
Thu Sep 27 13:24:18 CDT 2007

Hi folks-

I just reported some strange scipy crashes I've experienced on my
MacBook running OS X Tiger & Python 2.5.1.  I'd like to find out
more about the conditions producing the crash.  If OS X users
could do the following simple test and report the results, it 
would be very helpful.  Please also report details about your
platform (machine, OS version, Python, numpy & scipy versions).

All you have to do is start Python, import scipy, and run
scipy.test() *multiple times*:

>>> import scipy
>>> scipy.test()


>>> scipy.test()

and so on, up to 10 times.  For me, with Python-2.5.1, numpy-, 
and scipy-0.6.0, right after install I get a crash at the 10th time.
Subsequent attempts (with new Python invocations) give crashes earlier 
and earlier.  Eventually the crash is fully reproducible at the 
3rd scipy.test(), always crashing here:

  Found 42 tests for scipy.lib.lapack
  Found 41 tests for scipy.linalg.basic
<module 'scipy.linalg.fblas' from
Segmentation fault

I get similar crashes with scipy-, but the conditions are not

On a G4 (PPC) machine running Py-2.4.4 and scipy-, I don't
get any crashes (I ran scipy.test() 12 times in a row).

Your help would be appreciated in sorting out the conditions under
which such crashes happen.


PS:  For the curious, I was led to this somewhat accidentally,
due to problems with linalg I'm experiencing under RHEL 5 and
another user is experiencing with FC4.  I was trying to see if
the problems were platform-specific.

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