[SciPy-user] Signification of parameters

Nuttall, Brandon C bnuttall@uky....
Thu Sep 27 16:15:53 CDT 2007


I've never used the function, but...

>>> from scipy.stats import f_value_wilks_lambda
>>> help(f_value_wilks_lambda)
Help on function f_value_wilks_lambda in module scipy.stats.stats:

f_value_wilks_lambda(ER, EF, dfnum, dfden, a, b)
    Calculation of Wilks lambda F-statistic for multivarite data, per
    Maxwell & Delaney p.657.


I suggest you try the reference. You might also find additional info by looking at the Python source code.


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Can someone help ? Someone has a clue ?
2007/9/25, Matthieu Brucher <matthieu.brucher@gmail.com<mailto:matthieu.brucher@gmail.com>>:

Does someone know the meaning of the parameters in stats.f_value_wilks_lambda(ER, EF, dfnum, dfden, a, b), especially a and b ?


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