[SciPy-user] array TypeError: expected a readable buffer object

BORGULYA Gábor borgulya@gyer2.sote...
Thu Sep 27 17:00:10 CDT 2007

> BORGULYA Gábor wrote:
> > In [1]: import scipy
> >
> > In [2]: a = scipy.array(['1','2','3',None,'4','5'])
> > ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> >----- exceptions.TypeError                                 Traceback
> > (most recent call last)
> >
> > /home/gab/<console>
> >
> > TypeError: expected a readable buffer object

Thursday 27 September 2007 dátummal Robert Kern ezt írta:
> What version of numpy are you using? With numpy 1.0.3 and a recent SVN
> checkout, it works for me.

Thank you Robert for testing it on your system.
I am using Gentoo Linux with the following packages:

szitakoto ~ # emerge --search python
*  dev-lang/python
      Latest version available: 2.5.1-r2
      Latest version installed: 2.4.4
      Size of files: 9,169 kB
      Homepage:      http://www.python.org/
      Description:   Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented
                     programming language.
      License:       PSF-2.2

szitakoto ~ # emerge --search scipy
*  sci-libs/scipy
      Latest version available:
      Latest version installed: 0.5.1
      Size of files: 5,859 kB
      Homepage:      http://www.scipy.org/
      Description:   Scientific algorithms library for Python
      License:       BSD

szitakoto ~ # emerge --search numpy
*  dev-python/numpy
      Latest version available:
      Latest version installed: 1.0.1-r1
      Size of files: 1,465 kB
      Homepage:      http://numeric.scipy.org/
      Description:   Python array processing for numbers, strings, records,
                     and objects
      License:       BSD

True, I could try upgrading the packages. I will report if it solves the 
problem or not.


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