[SciPy-user] removing certain dates from a time series

Marco Tuckner marcotuckner@public-files...
Tue Apr 1 16:29:07 CDT 2008

as I mentioned in my last thread I am looking to create some kind of design data
set with a year of hourly data. 
Such design years consist of aggregated (average, sum, etc.) long-term data and
are often constructed without the effect of leap years resulting in a total of
8760 values (hourly frequency).
Most of such data sets do not include february 29th because the average
calculated for that day would be based only on a few data points when compared
to the other days of the year. Think of a 10-years data set where february 29th
may only have data points for two years (e.g. 2004 & 2008).

How to I remove the february 29 from my timeseries without affecting the dates
Since the timeseries are constructed by start date and the lenght of the data it
would affect the construction of the timeseries of I remove the 29th beforehand. 

Thanks in adcance for your help.

Kind regards,

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