[SciPy-user] removing certain dates from a time series

Marco Tuckner marcotuckner@public-files...
Thu Apr 3 17:38:43 CDT 2008

> can just use the .compressed() method:
I' ll test that and come back on you when I finshed. It's late here ;-)

>> that well documented as the time series package [1] I would find my way in
>> much easier! Is there any documentation for maskedarray like:
>> [1] http://scipy.org/scipy/scikits/wiki/TimeSeries
> Nope, and I take full blame for it: I never really had the time nor the 
> gumption to write one. I'd be quite grateful if you or any volunteer could 
> start one, so that we could all append it as needed.
OKI, I will see what I can do. This will be put onto the scipy wiki, right?

Thanks for your patience.


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