[SciPy-user] TypeError: can't convert complex to float; use abs(z)

段丞博 lilyphysik@gmail....
Thu Apr 3 20:06:45 CDT 2008

      Yes,I notice that gij returns a 2d array,if it  returns a  complex 
number instead of an array,the
      result should  be right.I reexamine the function "gij",and found 
the error. I should use an
      integer to specify the dimension of the new array. In 
"reshape",the argument called "newshape" should
      be tuple or integer,the function will return a 1D array if an 
integer is specified.
>> your function gij returns a 2d array (a matrix) with just 1 element.
>> you cannot assign to the element b[0,0], the value of the matrix c, but you
>> can assign it the value of the _only_ element of c, i.e. c.item().
>>  your last line become:
>> b[0,0] = c.item()
> Correct. However, it's still a weird error message that may be
> indicative of incorrect code somewhere in numpy.

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