[SciPy-user] Build warning in scipy svn r4083

Joshua Lippai discerptor@gmail....
Sat Apr 5 12:49:01 CDT 2008

I am building and using Scipy successfully on Mac OS X 10.5 (no errors
in the build dialog), but every time I build it, this warning shows up
and I'm wondering if it might be responsible for some of the errors in
the scipy.test results that are there in the current svn revision:

customize UnixCCompiler using build_ext
library 'mach' defined more than once, overwriting build_info
{'sources': ['scipy/integrate/mach/d1mach.f',
'scipy/integrate/mach/i1mach.f', 'scipy/integrate/mach/r1mach.f',
'scipy/integrate/mach/xerror.f'], 'config_fc': {'noopt':
('scipy/integrate/setup.pyc', 1)}, 'source_languages': ['f77']}...
{'sources': ['scipy/special/mach/d1mach.f',
'scipy/special/mach/i1mach.f', 'scipy/special/mach/r1mach.f',
'scipy/special/mach/xerror.f'], 'config_fc': {'noopt':
('scipy/special/setup.pyc', 1)}, 'source_languages': ['f77']}...

Everything else seems to check out fine in the build dialog, but
there's this. Does anyone know if this could cause a problem that
would show in the nose tests?


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