[SciPy-user] execute function on an array elementwise

Pieter pieter.cogghe@gmail....
Mon Apr 7 08:18:04 CDT 2008

Hi all,

I guess this is an easy one, but can't seem to find it. Suppose I have
this function:

def myFunction(x):
  result = None
  if x > 3:
    result = "some value"
    result = "another value"
  return result

And I want to run it on an array a:
b = myFunction(a)

which then returns an array with "some value" and "another value". I
could loop over the array, but I guess there's a better way to do
this? (something like arrayMagic from Matlab if I'm not mistaken.

thanks a lot,


Pieter Cogghe
Ganzendries 186
9000 Gent
0487 10 14 21

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